We're building your future retail sales story today - connected stores, connected sales people, connected customers.

Store Innovation - New Zealand’s leading retail innovator uses technology to build a path to the customer.

By leveraging lessons learned from web retailing within bricks and mortar, Store Innovation offers shoppers and salespeople the benefit of powerful technologies in use by leading retailers around the world.

  • Electronic Shelf Labeling linked to POS for agile pricing and 100% price accuracy
  • Mobile POS enabling sales staff to access product, price and customer information and make sales wherever they are in store
  • Wireless guest networks that enable customers to access the internet while shopping
  • Presence tools that allow you to recognise the customer, engage them and assist them to buy from you
  • Omni-channel fulfillment tools enabling click & collect and fulfill the sale from other locations
  • Mobile inventory management applications including stocktake and access to inventory and information enterprise wide, empowers the connected sales person to meet the connected customer head on.

Store Innovation enables smarter selling - smarter selling integrates retail selling solutions designed to drive OPEX down and revenues up by leveraging smart solutions designed for New Zealand retail environments.

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In the videos below SES present the pricing and marketing possibilities of NFC-enabled Shelf Labels and Motorola introduces the role of wireless in Connecting the Store, Customers and Sales People


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